I am Sravan Bhamidipati, a software engineer from India living in New York. This is my personal blog.


2016-07-15: Out of My Mind: About my experience with clinical depression.

2018-06-21: Twitter’s Identification of Bots: About a study I did with Alex Heitzmann on the prevalence of misleading/malicious bots on Twitter.

2022-04-23: Public Philosopher Agnes Callard: About my favorite contemporary essayist.

2022-05-20: Caste, Unlike Race: About the ways in which caste is different from race.

2022-06-15: A Father’s Gift: About a gift my dad gave me.

2022-08-03: Sex Differentials in Rates of Birth and Infant Mortality in India

2022-09-11: Analytical Jurisprudence: What is law?

2022-12-11: Learning to Give to Charity: About how my approach to charity evolved over a period of fifteen years.

2023-11-24: Living Kidney Donation: About my failed attempt to donate a kidney.


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