I only had the chance to skim it, and some of the charts don't appear to be showing up well on my browser? But I'll try again later and there's a chance that there's just a problem on my end.

From what I could see, though, this was a really good analytical deep dive into the scope of the issues, and the maps (which did render well in my browser) are very impressive looking. It's kind of a downer of a topic but an important one, so I hope your work gets some exposure.

Fwiw there does appear to be a couple other countries with skewed sex ratios, most especially Armenia/Georgia and Azerbaijan, but also Papua New Guinea, Suriname, Vietnam and some of the countries in the Balkans. For a more positive story, it appears to be the case that South Korea used to have as much of a problem as China but they have been able to largely reverse it.

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